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Recipe Rounds

I’ve decided to change my “Fun Friday Links” to “Recipe Rounds”. Every Friday, I’ll supply a list of recipes from around the web to inspire your weekend cooking and baking. I started following Epicurious on twitter, and they have been killing it in the recipe department this week. Grilled cheese and cookies and snacks, oh…

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Fun Friday Links

Good Friday, everyone! This was one of those weeks that just crawled by for me so I’m glad to see the end of it. Here’s the links to help you start your weekend off right. If you love fashion, style, and witty commentary then you need to be reading GFY. I’ve been reading it for…

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Fun Friday Links: Birthday Edition

Totally gratuitous dog photo. It was my birthday yesterday! In honor of me being brought into the world, here are some fun birthday related links. Enjoy! Here is a list of people more famous than I that were also born on February 6th. The list includes the likes of Bob Marley, Babe Ruth, and Zsa…

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