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Pizzeria DiMeo’s; Philadelphia, PA

Pizzeria DiMeo’s 8500 Henry Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19128 215-621-6134 Website The Place This past Friday night, Mr. Foodie and I decided to have a real date night. You know, not a “go to dinner and then run to Target to pick up shampoo” kind of date night. We were tired. It had been a long,…

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How to Make Roasted Garlic

Garlic is amazing. That’s almost all I feel like writing about it. It is that good. Alas, what kind of blogger would I be if I left it at that? In addition to being tasty, garlic has long been touted for its effects on health. Supposedly, the Egyptians fed it to the slaves who were…

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The New Foodie Life Site

Welcome to my new website! I am hoping that this blog will be a resource for anyone looking for information and inspiration on anything food related. Please feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment below each post. Or feel free to contact me through twitter or email. Eat on! Stephanie…

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