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Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Sometimes you need something sweet and salty. Last weekend, that something was homemade chocolate dipped pretzels. They are super easy to make. I promise! And they are satisfying to no end. This recipe was adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction. And let’s just say that she really loves sprinkles! Ingredients 8 ounces of high quality, semi-sweet,…

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Best Fruit Smoothie

According to Google, smoothie not only refers to a blended fruit drink but also a man with a “smooth, suave manner”. Huh. Anyways, smoothies, the drink kind, are incredibly easy to make. Yet, I seem to forget about them during those times when I just don’t feel like cooking. They are the perfect no-cook meal…

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Super Easy Homemade Pizza

Recently, we’ve been having a lot of snow days in Philadelphia. And let’s just say that on those days, we want to stay inside, cuddle under some blankets and eat comfort food. My answer to comfort food cravings is homemade pizza. It is super easy to make, more tasty than the frozen kind, and a…

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