Pizzeria DiMeo’s; Philadelphia, PA

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Pizzeria DiMeo’s
8500 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19128

The Place

This past Friday night, Mr. Foodie and I decided to have a real date night. You know, not a “go to dinner and then run to Target to pick up shampoo” kind of date night. We were tired. It had been a long, trying week and something comforting, delicious, and preferably with easy parking was calling our names. That’s how we ended up having dinner at Pizzeria DiMeo’s. A small Italian, BYOB restaurant in the Andorra Shopping Center on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Now, I will admit that I’m a bit of a snob, and I’m usually skeptical of the strip mall eatery. However, I was convinced to try this place a several weeks ago after hearing two people claim that the food, especially the pizza, is awesome. Then, about two weeks ago, my neighbor and I made plans to go to dinner and she also said the food was good, so we went for dinner. So this was actually my second meal at DiMeo’s and Mr. Foodie’s first.

The restaurant itself is pretty cute and feels sort of homey. It is small, and you can see into the kitchen which is always a nice touch. There are black and white photos along one wall with pics of the original owner in the 60s and 70s. This adds to the family atmosphere. Which, in my opinion, when you are eating Italian, is the perfect kind of atmosphere to have.

The Food

When I went two weeks ago with my neighbor, we shared the truffle french fries, a pasta with pesto sauce, and a pizza with almonds, asparagus, topped with an egg. The only thing I didn’t care for were the truffle fries. They were just french fries with a truffle dipping sauce. I’m just not a huge fan of truffle oil infused things. It can be really overpowering.

This time around with Mr. Foodie, the waitress brought out some fresh baked bread with a garlic infused olive oil and some sort of tomato sauce for dipping.The bread was good and crusty, but it wasn’t warm which disappointed me a little. I did not have the bread before because when I went with my neighbor, they were out of bread for the day since we showed up around 9PM for dinner.

Mr. Foodie and I had barely eaten all day so we order bruschetta for an appetizer. It was traditional with tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, and parmesan cheese on toasted pieces of bread. It tasted fresh and light, but it was a little heavy on the olive oil.

For our meal, we ordered the special for the night: a potato gnocchi with shrimp, asparagus, and almonds in a butter sauce. The gnocchi was definitely hand made and was hands down the best gnocchi I have had since moving to Philadelphia. In fact, there was practically a gnocchi “incident” at another Italian place that is now out of business. (Probably because of their disgusting gnocchi.) Luckily, DiMeo’s gnocchi dish was well-balanced and fresh. I was actually quite impressed because too often I have ordered a pasta dish with seafood and the sauce just tastes like old seafood. And that is gross. This one was very good, though! The butter sauce was well seasoned and brought all of the elements together, without getting too shrimpy.

We also ordered a margherita pizza which was sweet, simple, and fresh. The pizza crust here is delicious. I could probably just eat their pizza crust with a little olive oil and be a happy lady!

The Service

On both of my trips to DiMeo’s the service has been solid. Our drinks were refilled in a timely manner, the waitresses didn’t try to bring out the next course too soon, and they were friendly.

Overall Impression

I would definitely recommend DiMeo’s. Stick with the pasta specials or the pizza. Bring a bottle of wine. Skip the truffle fries.


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