Recipe Rounds

It’s time for another edition of recipe rounds! As usual, food has been on my mind this week but my thoughts have turned to¬†focusing on fresh, whole foods. High nutrient, low calorie!

Bananas have always been a staple in our diet here at La Maison Foodie (a.k.a. our house). But what to do if you have brown spotty bananas besides throwing them in the trash? Well, here are a few simple ideas to help you with that very problem. (Epicurious)

If you have a pet, you know how important it is that they follow a healthy lifestyle, too. Show your best friend some love by giving them these fresh fruits and veggies as treats. These aren’t recipes but … eh. I run the show here! (theKitchn)

Running out of lunch inspiration? Peruse these 15 healthy, vegan lunch ideas and get some new ideas for your midday meal. (Oh She Glows)

We all could stand to eat more greens. Right? Right. Here are some quick ideas to help you increase the amount of green veggies you put on your plate and in your tummy. (MindBodyGreen)

If you have read any prior posts then you know I love dessert. Check out these vegan chocolate peanut butter cups. These are not in accordance with our new foodie lifestyle (because of the Earth Balance butter and sugars) but life is too short. (The Kind Life)

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