Food Hangovers

Does anyone else ever get food hangovers? I definitely do.

If you read my last post then you know that Mr. Foodie and I are working on changing our foodie lifestyle for the better. We are cutting out a lot of high calorie, low nutrient foods in favor of low calorie, high nutrient foods.

Well last night my plans for eating healthy, whole foods were derailed! It began when I decided to visit Mr. Foodie at work. He is a consultant so this week work was in Newark, NJ. Glamorous, right? I got to the hotel right around dinner time and was hungry so we went right to the lounge for food. The lounge had cheese, crackers, veggies with ranch dip, fruit, desserts and meat lasagna. We had some veggies, fruit, and cheese but I was still hungry.

This is where I got into trouble. We went back to the hotel room because Mr. Foodie still had work to do and I started looking through the room service menu. Let’s just say that this hotel was not vegetarian friendly, let alone vegan friendly. Feeling discouraged but still hungry, I opted for a kids grilled cheese and French fries. I figured that if I was going to eat a meal deficient in nutrients that at least it would be of a smaller portion size.

Silly me. I forgot that this is America! Kid sizes are just as big as adult sizes! Oh, what was I thinking?

silly me

In all seriousness though, the (double stacked) grilled cheese and portion of French fries were big, even by adult standards. Now, I grew up on grilled cheese sandwiches. Besides macaroni and cheese and french fries, it was my absolute favorite thing to eat. Add to that history that I was starving and you can probably guess whether or not I finished that whole thing.

Cut to this morning and hello, food hangover! Today I woke up feeling irritable, bloated, tired and like I wanted to crawl under some blankets and never come out again. I don’t like the way I feel today. If I consciously compare how I feel today versus how I have felt every other morning after I stick to my healthy foodie lifestyle, the latter wins hands down.

And just so we are clear, I don’t view this as a failure of any sort. It just is. It happened. I ate a grilled cheese and some fries (Mr. Foodie helped with the pommes frites). And just now I remember that I also had a tiny piece of some sort of horrible (read: AMAZING) Oreo cake from the hotel lounge. All I’m doing is acknowledging to the world that I feel like crap today. Life goes on. The world still turns. And I will continue to strive for the healthiest lifestyle I can.

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