Recipe Rounds: Breakfast Edition

TheKitchn Cooking Cure

I am working on taking my breakfast game up a notch. I signed up for theKitchn’s Cooking Cure challenge (#cookingcure on Twitter). It’s a free and fun way to spend a few minutes every day to get yourself cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This week has been focused on breakfast and one of the assignments was to find 5 new breakfast recipes. I’d like to share with you the links I found to take my breakfast routine from meh to yum!

One of my breakfast goals is to make things that are prepped ahead of time, like quiche and breakfast casseroles. Here is a spinach and gruyere quiche that made me drool just thinking about it! (Delish)

Sticking with the make-ahead theme, take a look at this bacon, potato, and egg breakfast casserole. I don’t eat bacon so I’m planning to finagle something in place of that. (theKitchn)

This is the breakfast I was going to make this morning but I’ve decided to hold off on it until lunch. Mr. Foodie is coming home from working in Newark so I want to share it with him. <3 It is scrambled eggs, avocado, and smoked salmon on toast. (Bon App├ętit)

Two words: Applesauce. Pancakes. (

And because I seriously love croutons – in college, my friends would make fun of me because I took some sort of weird glee in stabbing my fork into the croutons in my salad at lunch every day – scrambled eggs with herbed croutons. (Food & Wine)

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