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It’s time for another addition of Recipe Rounds. This week has been all over the place. Mama Foodie was here to visit, it’s Mr. Foodie’s birthday today, the first day of spring is here (finally!), and I had a job interview and job offer. On top of that, I’ve been writing copy for my local food co-op’s new website and busying myself with setting up their new social media accounts. Phew! I’m exhausted. So, let’s try to relax and ogle* some yummy recipes and dream of spending every day in the kitchen, uninterrupted by real life.

Here’s some breakfast recipes to get you out of your breakfast rut. Healthy whole grain breakfasts can be so delicious! (Epicurious)

Mediterranean recipes because mediterranean things are awesome. Food. Culture. Hot men with accents. But mostly the food. (Bon App├ętit)

I love Indian food. This is a recipe for Indian Spiced Peas with Tofu. Yes, peas! <– Get it? LIke, “Yes, please!” but with “peas” … never mind. (Whole Foods)

Homemade cinnamon toast crunch. I have to try this. (Food52)

Spring is here but it’s still chilly so why not warm up with vegetarian pot pie? (Wishful Chef)

*I always thought this was spelled “oogle” and pronounced with the same “O” sound as in “moo”. Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, this is wrong! It is spelled as “ogle” and pronounced with the “O” sound as in “no”.

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