Philadelphia Adventures with Mama Foodie

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Spring seems to be here after one final snow, and Mama Foodie has traveled back to Chicago. I had a fun week off mostly spent with my mom, and Mr. Foodie got a weekend of gaming all to himself. It’s amazing that no matter how much fun I have in Philadelphia, seeing my family or friends from home always makes me homesick for a few days after they leave. There really is no place like home.

I try not to dwell on negative feelings though. So, let’s recap the adventures Mama Foodie and I had over the long weekend. I present to you where we went with a few words about each place.

Hatboro, PA: This town has affordable thrift and antique shopping. Mom bought an old, working gum-ball machine for $45. This was the most surprising find all weekend.

Peddler’s Village: Relaxing, adorable community with plenty of shopping. I bought a giant, sparkly mistletoe ball from the year-round Christmas shop because you are never too early to buy Christmas decorations!

Hart’s Tavern: Casual pub in Peddler’s Village. Yummy fish and chips were had by all. Waiter was actually friendly and didn’t screw anything up which sadly, seems to be harder and harder to come by around Philly.

New Hope, PA: Boutique shopping town on the Delaware River. One of my favorite places to go for a break from the city.

C’est La Vie: This French bakery is amazing. The pastry chef is from France, and it shows in the authentic goods.

Sprig & Vine: Vegan restaurant that will make you forget that you are not eating eggs, cheese, and meat. Make a reservation though as they get booked on the weekends.

Taylor’s Cafe: Recently renovated diner in the heart of Roxborough. Waiter was a bit slow and seemed overwhelmed (i.e. he was probably new). Otherwise, the food was good.

Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade: We came across this completely by accident so sat down to watch. The crowd was thinner and less lively than in Chicago, but it was still fun.

Rodin Museum: Hands down one of my favorite things in Philadelphia. Be sure to take the daily 1:30PM tour. Absolutely fascinating.

Manayunk: Philadelphia neighborhood with a lively Main Street full of shopping and dining. Relaxing during the day. Potential for drunk college students at night.

Tomato Bistro: One of my favorite places in Manayunk. Tomato bisque is served daily and is delicious. Also, flatbread pizzas for the win! Vegan and gluten free options are available as well.

Chestnut Hill: Quality shopping abounds along Germantown Avenue. We got the most bang for our buck here. We actually had to stop at the car to drop off our bags – that’s how much we shopped!

Evergreen Cheese: New cheese shop in Chestnut Hill. Mama Foodie and I went nuts in here. I have not seen her look so giddy in a long time. She was itching to get home to have our dinner of baguette, cheese, and fig spread.

Green Soul: Fresh, healthy-ish food for lunch. Black bean burgers were quite good but what’s up with no sweet potato fries or other side options besides chips?

My couch: Comfy couch + Sherlock marathon + cheese & bread = an awesome night in with my mom. 🙂

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