Recipe Rounds

I’ve decided to change my “Fun Friday Links” to “Recipe Rounds”. Every Friday, I’ll supply a list of recipes from around the web to inspire your weekend cooking and baking.

I started following Epicurious on twitter, and they have been killing it in the recipe department this week. Grilled cheese and cookies and snacks, oh my! (Epicurious)

It is still freezing. Why will spring not happen? Wherefore art thou spring?* Here’s the perfect hot cocoa mix to warm you up. (The Week/Food52)

Pizza style stuffed portobello mushrooms. Must. Eat. (Whole Foods)

Anything with the words “quick” and “macaroni and cheese” gets my attention. (Jamie Oliver)

Here’s one to keep on hand for pasta night. It is a straight-forward, basic but delicious marinara sauce. (New York Times)

I had this recipe hidden among my Twitter favorites. No-bake Nutella truffles. What?! (Real Simple)

Do you love brussels sprouts? Do you love fried rice? Combine them into one magical dish. (Post Punk Kitchen)

  • *Did you know that “wherefore” actually means “why”? In Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet says “Wherefore art thou Romeo?”, she is lamenting the fact that he is a Montague. She is saying “Why are you a Montague?” not “Where are you, Romeo?” So, yes, I am misusing the phrase for comedic effect. I know, and I’m okay with it.

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