Nobu 57 and John’s Pizzeria; New York, NY

Start spreading the news ... I'm leaving today ... I want to be a part of it. New York, New York!
Start spreading the news …I’m leaving today …I want to be a part of it. New York, New York!

Travel is really the best way to spend any special occasion. It gets you out of the house to experience something new. It’s true that there is no place like home. But, it is also true that there is no place like a place where new adventures await.

For my birthday, the husband and I did an overnight in New York City. It was the first time I have taken Amtrak to NYC since living in Philadelphia. It was much easier than I expected. The seats were large and comfy, and it was ridiculously stress free compared to air travel. We had a great time. The highlight of the trip was seeing Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Billy Crudup, and Shuler Hensley in Waiting for Godot at the Cort Theater. It is a fantastic play in it’s own right but the acting was absolutely superb. And I now have a huge crush on Patrick Stewart.

While we were there, I decided to take the husband to Nobu 57 for lunch and then we ate at John’s Pizzeria for dinner. The only thing I wanted but didn’t get was a black and white cookie. We just didn’t run across a good looking bakery while we were sightseeing. Oh well. I know how to make them anyway (oooooh….tasty idea for future post!)

Nobu 57

40 West 57th Street, New York, NY
(212) 757-3000
Bonus for going at lunch: no overcrowding!
Bonus for going at lunch: no overcrowding!

Nobu 57 is a special occasion place. It is pricey, but the place is almost perfect. The atmosphere and decor are cool and calming. We did not feel rushed through our meal at all and sipping green tea only added to the feeling of relaxation. We were there at lunch and ordered one bento box and a sushi lunch.

Black cod with miso in the center and rock shrimp tempura on the right.
Black cod with miso in the center and rock shrimp tempura on the right.

The bento box came split into two boxes: one hot and one cold. Above, is the hot one with their black cod with miso, Nobu’s signature dish, which is too delicious to describe with words. The fish just melts in your mouth in all of it’s miso goodness. This is the sole reason why it was imperative that the husband eat here. The rock shrimp tempura, another signature, was also fantastic. The sushi meal was very good and included a piece of toro. Toro is tuna belly and can cost upwards of $25 for one piece! Thus, this was a good deal for lunch.

My mother said this looks like a boob. She might be right.
My mother said this looks like a boob. She might be right.

For dessert, we couldn’t pass up an ice-cream cappuccino with whiskey foam. Oh. My. God. There are no words. It was that good. If you like whiskey, then this dessert is for you.

The service here was adequate. This is interesting to note because recently over dinner a friend remarked that he has never had great service in NYC. Only fine service. I have to agree with him, and this is why Nobu 57 is almost perfect. 

So, if you take a trip to Nobu 57 the next time you are in New York, then I recommend going for lunch to save your cash for something else and order the bento box that includes the black cod miso and the rock shrimp tempura.

John’s Pizzeria

260 W. 44th Street New York, NY

John’s Pizzeria is totally touristy. It is right off of Times Square and is filled with families (read: children) visiting New York for the day or weekend. We even sat by an entire boy scout troop on this visit. So, yea, this foodie eats at touristy places. (Listen, I don’t discriminate. If it’s a hole in the wall but has good food, I don’t care. If it is a tourist trap but has delicious whatever, I don’t care. I’m going to eat it!)

Anyways, it is touristy but I genuinely like their pizza. Also, before you throw stones at me, keep in mind that New York style pizza is not really my thing. I’m a deep-dish loving Chicago girl at heart, so take what I say here with that grain of salt.

Suppressing ... craving ...
Suppressing … craving …

The husband wanted to go here because he said that the garlic rolls were to die for. I’m not sure I would die over them, but they were really tasty and did outshine the pizza. It’s kind of like eating a garlic, cheese deconstructed pizza. Next time, we will just have an order of these at the bar with a beer.

"No slices!" - John's Pizzeria
“No slices!” – John’s Pizzeria

The pizza was tasty as usual. We opted for plain cheese this time.

I would recommend coming in here either later for dinner to beat the pre-theater rush, which we got caught up in. Order some garlic rolls and a pizza. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy a casual but tasty meal.

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