Fun Friday Links: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There was a discussion about the hatred for the commercialization of Valentine’s Day on my personal Facebook page this morning. There was also discussion about people feeling sad or ashamed to be alone today. Let’s just take a minute to discuss that Valentine’s Day is about love. It isn’t about trinkets or jewelry. It doesn’t even have to be love between two people in a relationship. It can be love for yourself (I recommend more of us work on this), your friends, love for your pets, love for your parents, love for the delivery guy who brings you pizza at 2AM.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing love to whomever deserves it, including yourself! After all, we don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day the way it was originally intended. (Hint: It wasn’t really about love at all.) (Wikipedia)

I am celebrating my love for my husband by making us a feast. I’ve never done this before specifically for Valentine’s Day because we usually use this holiday as an excuse for date night out. The recipes I am using follow:

Salad with parmesan crisps. Similar to these crispy parmesan cups. (Iowa Girl Eats)

Vegetarian lasagna rolls. I’m modifying the recipe just a bit because I’m not a fan of cottage cheese. (The Kitchn)

I linked before to the best white cake recipe ever in my Fun Friday Links: Birthday Edition. (Add A Pinch)

The same website has a recipe for buttercream frosting. Then, I’m going to decorate the cake with strawberries. (Add a Pinch)

I wish you all a very loving Valentine’s Day! <3



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