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4460 Main Street
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This is our new breakfast place. Do you have one of those? It’s that place you go every weekend to get breakfast or brunch. Mr. Foodie and I had lamented the fact that since moving to Philadelphia (3 years ago!), we had not found a reliable and reasonably priced breakfast place for the weekend. Then, a few weeks ago, before our trip to Chicago, we stumbled across Greg’s Kitchen on Yelp. It boasted a slew of good reviews and 4.5 stars, so why not try it out?

The first time we went, we were able to walk right in and get seated. I had a breakfast sandwich that consisted of croissant with egg and cheese. Mr. Foodie had a vegetable omelette. We both enjoyed the food very much. Simple. Straightforward. And it only cost $15 that first trip. Our second trip was last weekend and again, we both enjoyed our food amidst friendly service. We went a little later so I had a tuna salad sandwich on a croissant and French fries. Did I ever mention how much I love croissants? Everything should be made with croissants. They are so delicious! Anyways, Mr. Foodie had a layered egg breakfast in a bowl, which is quite similar to how I construct our breakfasts now and then when I’m in a hurry.

Now, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. This place is not going to blow you away with a crazy French toast concoction from your dreams. There is nothing life changing or mind blowing about the food. But, they will serve you freshly made, straight-forward food at a reasonable price with good service. That’s what I want in my regular breakfast place. It’s just perfect.

On our last visit, we did notice a significant increase in the number of patrons. Much to our horror, it seems to have been discovered while we were out of town for 3 weeks. We waited 20 minutes but while we were waiting the time increased to 45 minutes. This place is tiny and seats maybe 20 people. That is part of why I like it. It feels like a neighborhood place.

Out of curiosity, I checked back on Yelp to see if the reviews were any different and amongst all the glowing reviews, there have been some not so glowing ones in which the patrons complain about the wait for either seating or for their food and slow service. That is disappointing. However, we have only had good experiences and will be going back next weekend. I hope they can learn to handle their new found fame or we will be back on the hunt for the breakfast place.

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Well, hello. Long time, no see.

I have not posted since Easter. Oy. Let’s just say that trying to figure out a way to change the look of your blog vs. paying for a new look plus starting a business plus dealing with infertility and traveling here and there is a lot to handle. But it’s all good, and I’m excited to start sharing foodie stuff again.

Trailer at Linvilla

Two weekends ago, Mr. Foodie and I went to Linvilla Orchards for a day date. We had a wonderful time and got to pick our own fruit. We love buying local so this fit the bill. Picking our own fruit is also as fresh as you can get! We chose to pick blueberries, peaches, and did manage to pick one small box of strawberries.

Linvilla Blueberries

The blueberries were absolutely beautiful and sweet. I had no idea that the bushes grew so large.

Linvilla Strawberries

As you may know, we are out of strawberry season, but we decided to take a peek at the plants anyway and managed to find some stragglers. Okay, let me be honest. Mr. Foodie wanted to check out the strawberries so I could make him strawberry-blueberry crisp. He is obsessed with crisps of all types right now. For me, they are super easy to make so I’m okay with his obsession!

Linvilla Peaches

Now, believe it or not, I had never seen a peach tree before. The leaves were interesting because they were sort of elongated and ended in a point. These peaches were so very tasty!

After our experience, I would highly recommend taking a trip out to Linvilla Orchards. Picking your own fruits or vegetables is fun and gets you outside for some fresh air. :)

Linvilla Orchards
598 Linvill Road
Media, PA 19063

Easter Recap in One Word: Delicious!

Good Monday, everyone! For those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope it was a wonderful day full of family and friends and whatever else your traditions entail. In our family, we typically go to brunch or have the entire family together to have Easter dinner. There really aren’t small kids in our family any more so we haven’t done an Easter egg hunt or anything like that in years. But even without that, I love our tradition of basically eating food to celebrate the holiday.

Unfortunately, we have been living in Philadelphia for going on 3 years, and we couldn’t be home for any Easter Sundays thus far. The first two Easters that we spent here, I was working in the emergency department all day so didn’t get to do anything besides pop a little chocolate in my mouth. But yesterday was different and much better!

Yesterday was the first time Mr. Foodie and I had our own Easter to celebrate. I woke up early to get breakfast started, while Mr. Foodie sleep in. He was up the night before until 1:15AM (!!!) playing video games (inFAMOUS Second Son, if you were wondering). While he slept I got my cooking on! Here is a recap of what we ate for Easter Sunday:



I made this spinach and gruyère quiche. I didn’t deviate from the recipe at all so I put the link there. It was absolutely delicious. I’ve had quiches before but have never ventured into making one myself. If you have never made one, have no fear because it is ludicrously easy but looks so fancy and tastes so good! This has been added to my mental list of breakfast treats for holidays and special occasions.


More quiche! Seriously. We just finished off what we didn’t eat at breakfast. It was that yummy. This was also a nice way to break up the day of cooking so that I could actually have some relaxation time instead of all my time being spent in the kitchen.


easter dinner

Our dinner consisted of roasted asparagus,  rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes, this vegan Celebration Roast by Field Roast, and onion rolls from Winnie’s Le Bus in Manayunk. It was a filling meal for sure. If you have never tried the Celebration Roast, then you must! I insist. Buy it for your next special dinner because it really is delicious. For us, it is similar to the Thanksgiving Tofurky in that it lets us forget for a moment that we are not eating meat. It is hearty, filling, and savory. Just what you want for a main course in a traditional meal.


And finally, because it was a holiday we treated ourselves to dessert from Sweet Elizabeth’s in Manayunk. I had the 3 Best Friend’s Cupcake and Mr. Foodie had some sort of fancy cheesecake. My cupcake was chocolate chip batter with caramel filling and buttercream frosting. Mmmmmm. Sorry there are no pictures but I was tired by the time we had dessert and it looked so good that we gobbled them right up!

*I cannot spell to save my life so desert versus dessert is always a challenge. I found the secret to remembering which is which here! Just keep thinking that you always want seconds of a super tasty dessert.

Recipe Rounds: Easter Edition

It’s Easter weekend so whether or not you are celebrating, you are probably going to be cooking at some point this weekend. So keep these recipes in mind for some inspiration! And if you do celebrate the holiday then I wish a happy Easter to you and your family. :)

This is like a master list of vegan Easter recipes. Awesome. (Veg Kitchen)

Here is another huge list of vegan Easter recipes. I’m intrigued by the vegan peppermint patties! (Keepin’ It Kind)

For those of us who still eat dairy, here are some vegetarian recipe ideas to help fill out your table. (How Stuff Works)

Finally, these are some beautiful Easter desserts to finish off your meal. The first one is so pretty! (Cooking Light)

Food Hangovers

Does anyone else ever get food hangovers? I definitely do.

If you read my last post then you know that Mr. Foodie and I are working on changing our foodie lifestyle for the better. We are cutting out a lot of high calorie, low nutrient foods in favor of low calorie, high nutrient foods.

Well last night my plans for eating healthy, whole foods were derailed! It began when I decided to visit Mr. Foodie at work. He is a consultant so this week work was in Newark, NJ. Glamorous, right? I got to the hotel right around dinner time and was hungry so we went right to the lounge for food. The lounge had cheese, crackers, veggies with ranch dip, fruit, desserts and meat lasagna. We had some veggies, fruit, and cheese but I was still hungry.

This is where I got into trouble. We went back to the hotel room because Mr. Foodie still had work to do and I started looking through the room service menu. Let’s just say that this hotel was not vegetarian friendly, let alone vegan friendly. Feeling discouraged but still hungry, I opted for a kids grilled cheese and French fries. I figured that if I was going to eat a meal deficient in nutrients that at least it would be of a smaller portion size.

Silly me. I forgot that this is America! Kid sizes are just as big as adult sizes! Oh, what was I thinking?

silly me

In all seriousness though, the (double stacked) grilled cheese and portion of French fries were big, even by adult standards. Now, I grew up on grilled cheese sandwiches. Besides macaroni and cheese and french fries, it was my absolute favorite thing to eat. Add to that history that I was starving and you can probably guess whether or not I finished that whole thing.

Cut to this morning and hello, food hangover! Today I woke up feeling irritable, bloated, tired and like I wanted to crawl under some blankets and never come out again. I don’t like the way I feel today. If I consciously compare how I feel today versus how I have felt every other morning after I stick to my healthy foodie lifestyle, the latter wins hands down.

And just so we are clear, I don’t view this as a failure of any sort. It just is. It happened. I ate a grilled cheese and some fries (Mr. Foodie helped with the pommes frites). And just now I remember that I also had a tiny piece of some sort of horrible (read: AMAZING) Oreo cake from the hotel lounge. All I’m doing is acknowledging to the world that I feel like crap today. Life goes on. The world still turns. And I will continue to strive for the healthiest lifestyle I can.


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